Sunday, November 04, 2007

My fruitful day

Mummy is love. I saw her dropping 1 gold coin ($1) yesterday.
Then I picked it up & said its mine. (I stole it! :P)
I kept it inside my pocket and went to bed.

I lost the gold coin when I woke up and accused her of stealing it back (In a kidding tone).
Then Boyfriend came over with breakfast.
And we went out(family & boyfriend).

Dad drove us to our destination and we split up.
When I reached home, My gold coin was sitting nicely on my table.
Obviously Mummy found it :P I must have dropped it on my bed.

She bought my favourite rock candy~~~~~~~~
Mummmmmmmyyyyy is loveeeeeee.

Side Note ; It is just $1 and we were merely kidding okay.

There was another shop selling cheaper than the amount I paid for.
But they didn't have my white so I went to another shop and paid more.

Anyway I only bought a top with a vest & a digicam (:
I wanted to really shop but nothing much caught my eye.

Side Note ; I've already submitted my orders for my online shopping.

Credits to FleshImp.

Today's a fruitful and lovable day.
If only everyday was like this.