Monday, November 26, 2007

My very own car?

My dad promised to give me his car when I get my driving licence.
HOHO~ (But I don't know what will he drive. Maybe get another car?)
Ok. This means that I have to drive his "old car".
Not that old. 3mths old. But by the time I get my driving licence it will be like 1year later?
OR maybe even later! Because I haven't even register for the first test(Basic theory).
I am actually rather lazy to make a trip down to BBDC.
Maybe next year~ I'll start registering for everything next year.

The main thing is that I don't like the colour of his car because its not white.
(I wouldn't want to drive a pink car around so I go for white. Pink car is not cute. It's disgusting.)
Boyfriend told me that it is against the law to spray and change the colour of a car.
True or is he just kidding? But so many people are doing the same thing WHAT.

I am going to a christmas party on the eve (with all my colleagues!).
There will be a gift exchange session. Excited~
What should I get?
We don't know who are we giving to OR who are giving us in return.
It's randomly picked.

Heared that someone bought thongs last year so I should avoid buying that.
I want to get something "naughty" for them.
*grins evilly*