Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Nonsensical post (EDITED x2)

My dad is going to move down all my furnitures from my room to the 2nd living room.
My bed, frames, shelf, Tv and everything~
And I am going to shift all the big TV, couch, tables, players to the 1st living room.
(a big tv will hinder my movements)
Which also means that I can have the WHOLE BIG living room to myself.
*smiles a plenty*
I'll then request for a wall and a door to protect my privacy :D

Side Note; But my Dad is a tad bit slow, because he is best at procrastinating.

If you've noticed, I have been using Side Notes(for months already) instead of PS.
That's because PS is common but pardon me if you see too many Side Note in a post.
But it's my style & what can you do? ^^

I'm currently SO-VERY-IN-LOVE with Vivienne Westwood.
I wish SG sells them.
(But SG only sells replica, which also means...FAKE!)

On a happier note; It also good that they don't sell it here in SG.
Because I can get to spend more money on other stuffs.


I wonder why do some girls likes their boyfriends to play guitars?
For me, I feel that guys who play guitars are such a turn off.

Side Note; That's MY opinion only. You don't have to care/mind.

I love the music that comes out from the guitars, but when I see guys playing,
I rather not love the music.

I am looking into more of a gentle, sentimental, sweet, romantic, love.(Violin, Piano~~)
Not too gentle to the extend of Gays.
(But nothing's with with Gays okay~ They survive on Oxygen just like anyone!)
Maybe to me, playing the guitars means rough.
And I will link with boxing,..... sparring.
I hate rough peoples!!!

Okay, I am just blogging nonsense. LOL.

There's no wrong in loving guys who plays the guitars anyway.


Hunny's a loyal fan of my blog!
(Okay, All Boyfriends are loyal fans of their girlfriend's blog because they wants to know every LITTLE thing that made/spoil their day)

Even when we tells them everything, they would still make it a point to read our blogs daily.

Guys are weird animals.
Maybe that's how they show their concern because they want to know everything that is related to you.

When someone makes me happy, I'll share it with him and vice versa. And when someone offends me, I'll run to him and COMPLAIN. He'll then ask me to cool down, tells me retribution exist so just wait and see(for the other party), & of cause, we'll complain together. HAHA! Hunny's quite a girl too. & I guessed I complained too much, That's why he's having negative feelings for some people. I need to stop complaining but this shows that I am a typical Singaporean :P

INFLUENCED. But so what? We're happy together.
Thats the most important thing in every relationship.