Sunday, November 11, 2007

QUIT SHOPPING (for the time being)

I am so contented with my life now.
(except for one problem which doesn't concern you)
Quality time with Boyfriend today.
Lunch was porridge and dinner at KFC.
Fastfood restaurant ain't fast anymore.
Mcdonalds is as slow as KFC too.
Long queues KILLS. I can't WAIT for anything!!
My patience love got irritated too.

Holiday's supposed to be relaxing & enjoying but I'm spending most of my time on work.
Oh yea. I need to STOP shopping like really.
Be it online or reality. I NEED A BREAK!
The stuffs I bought are pilling up and the money I spent will not come in until payday!

I am not asking for allowance for this holiday & this is the FIRST time in my life.
It is time to be independent since I've got a job during my holidays.
It's abit tedious but this can teach me how to be more independent.
Job is good. It is way better than wasting my time rotting at home or shopping outside.

I need someone to remind me that I am not receiving allowance for the time being~
(so that I won't be tempted to shop)

Suffering? NOPE! I am learning & trying (:

Ok. I forgot to post this picture on the 7th.