Monday, November 26, 2007


Ulcer~ 1 Ulcer poped out yesterday!! So It had nothing to do with the pineapples I ate. AAWW~
Right under my tongue, next to my gum.
I feel the pain even when I talk.
Thanks to the chips I ate last week.

Blog hopped to unknown blogger's blog as I was bored~
(I know I said I wouldn't blog hop anymore but I only bloghop UNKNOWN's people blogs.)
(Unknown as in, they don't know me, I don't know them)

& Some blogger by the name Agnes is sure talented in HTML codes.
Adores all her layout since LONG ago.
Especially those made for herself.
Such love (:
Total coolness.

I think the heels of my legs are getting drier.
Thanks to the heels.
To prevent further dryness, dead skins, I am going to be more hardworking.
Apply cream every morning/night and ONLY flipflops for the next 5 days (: