Sunday, November 11, 2007

Relax CHOYA~

Finally~ My rest day! Everyday is so tiring due to lack of sleep.
I love today's date (:

Finally~~~~ I got my Pedicure & Manicure done!!
I always wanted to go for foot reflexology but I am afraid of the itchiness and pain.
Afraid, But I still want to try!

My boy "stole" JJ's "yoko yoko" from JJ's home for me when he know that I didn't sleep well the previous night and resulted in spasm(at my neck) yesterday.

Boyfriend had to fetch me off from work so JJ tag along.
On his way, The bottle of Yoko Yoko soaked his pocket.
(I think he didn't close it properly and he reek of it!!)
Met up with the rest at Marina Square.
Hunny's quite "HIP" recently.

Side Note ; & Super Vain!

He don't even give a damn about his appearance in the past, but now, he can't stop looking into the mirror, getting nice jeans & clothes.
(& he've stopped wearing bermudas shorts *unless going to NEAR place for lunch/dinner*)
He wanted to get tees but got himself a cardigan in the end.
All along, I felt that guys look gay in cardigan but some look quite "HIP".
Cardigan only look nice or gay on those with normal built. NOT FAT! FAT = HAM
Dinner and Home at 2200.
The rest went to PUB for "bonding" and relax while Love and me went home.

Poor boy, He'll be home alone for the next few days cause the whole of his family went off to Genting~

Introducing MR Ong JJ (:

Boyfriend is such a lousy photographer.
Pardon me for this ugly small eyes picture.