Monday, November 19, 2007

Sardine & Sharkfin (EDITED)

My boy is so god damn mushy today.
I'm drowning in his words!
(He didn't smsed them. He spoke!!)

2 new addition to the family! (from Hunny)
They will be Raven's friends.
But for some apparant reasons, I hate the female one cus it is always bullying the male.

I'm booked for this Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sat & Sun!
Busy busy busy.
Only left with Thursday.

& I'm like gaining weight recently because I have been eating ALOT of Egg sandwiches.
(Breads are high in carbo! Damn breads but I can't resist eggs.)
I went to weigh myself. Still stucked at the same old numbers. But I feel damn bloated.
Hate this feeling.

If only I am a guy, than I won't even mind how much I weigh.


I almost forgot that I have a dental appointment tmr.

Although I have already paid them alot of visits since young,
I am still afraid of them!!!