Friday, November 02, 2007

Save my bank please!

I was a tad bit unhappy this afternoon.
But I got over it soon!

As I said many many many days ago, Nov is a good month :D
I've received my schedule for this month.
I'll be back at work again next week.
(Mind you! It's alooooooot days~ $_$)
My bank went slightly poorer because I saved alot last month(pay & allowance),
So I gave a BIG(3x my monthly allowance) sum of it to my parents.
Good daughter they have here :P

But money will start rollin' in again!
Red Packetssssssss.
Am going to use the money to get my *PINK* & many many clothes!
(I've settled for Pink, because I was told white was plain)
But I haven't go round comparing with other models.
My mind is made up but if any nicer ones comes along,
I'll gladly pick the nicer one :P

I'm so deprived of spreeing lately (Errr, actually only this week).
(Though I just bought quite a few pair of heels last week)
So.... Boyfriend's feet will not be spared for this month! Shopping!! *smiles a plenty*

Side Note ; In case you are wondering why do I have to shop with my boyfriend when I can shop with my friends, I shop with him so that I can ask for his opinions. He's the reason why I loves to buy clothes. & I don't make him pay for my stuffs.

PS : But even if I am single, I still love to buy clothes :x
In simple, Girls Loves Clothes! :D

Which means, my bank will not be able to recover for the moment due to endless of shopping.
Reimbursement will only come in at the end of Nov. (My pay slip day!)
So Dec will be a good month too :D

Side Note ; Just as expected. 2nd of Nov. Period's here~ :(

Be back at night~