Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sony Cybershot T2

I have so many things to blog today. LOL

Boyfriend and me came across this new camera from Sony.

I only like the one in white and its flatness. Other colours are not-that-nice. & I don't like the design(Don't suit me). It's kinda cute but somehow it gives me the feeling of young. What I am trying to say that it's design suits the youngsters(teenagers). (Because It looks like a toy instead of a gadget)

The camera itselfs can store up to 4GB memory space.
& You can even edit the picture itself in the cam.
Despite its function is very much better(actually only the memory) than my T20,
I still like my T20 because of its sleek design.
And I don't need basics editing in my cam because I do it in my laptop.
Afterall, I chose it myself and I am happy with it [:

Side Note; But this cam has got really good functions as compared to other brands. But T20's design is still the best [;