Thursday, November 08, 2007

Spoilt yet still a good day

It feels so good to tell boyfriend everything after so so long~
Finally something off my chest!
(Yeah~ Bad stuffs/people/jinx should be deleted!)

I don't know why are guys so obsessed with cars and driving licence!
They kept talking about it every meet up.
Boyfriend & Bros are only 1 step away from the licence.

Anyway today's Sentosa wasn't exactly good.
It's Me, OngJJ, Boyfriend & friends. (Friends not bros)
The guys were late & I didn't want to wait for them so the 3 of us train-ed into Sentosa first.
(I don't wait for people. People wait for me :x)

They were GOD DAMN LATE & this Missy here was pissed.
Only 2 out of 7-8 of his friends arrived.
I demanded us to get out of Sentosa (:
OngJJ was equally pissed.
Without second thoughts, We grabbed out bag and took the train back to VIVO.

We didn't put Boyfriend in a difficult position.
He intended to leave too because he was UNHAPPY.

(that's YuQiang's Ugly thumb!)

Uncle Boyfriend in sunglass.
(He didn't wore that singlet there okay!)

The 3 of us had lunch at habourfront's Food Junction and left for Town at 1400.
(Yeap, Just 3 of us but we don't feel weird)
It was talking and talking.
Didn't managed to buy anything and we went for dinner at 1800.

Home after dinner.
Little MaxMax was there :D
Uncle drove me home at 2230.

Although Sentosa's trip really make one feels ZZZ,
but the endless of walking, talking & Max cheered us up.