Saturday, November 03, 2007


I helped Derek saved 20% on his Fred Perry yesterday!

I went online shopping again (:
(Thats because I am desperate for new clothes but I can't go out)
But the quality and price is alot better compared to other webs because they are from Japan.
I have choosen 8 tops out of so many so many.
But I can't get all 8 because Hunny will nag.
& Guy's spree is out too~ From Japan too ^^
Somehow their style are over-styled. Not suitable for Hunny. Heh.

"On a wiser note, Not stepping out of house means No money's going out of my wallet"
I said this in my previous post. But it don't works for me now.

Okay, I noticed when I am bored, I update alot of entries.

Never regret anything that ever make you smile.
For all you know, you may be losing the person the next minute.