Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sweet tooth's nightmare

Today's visit to the dentist was horrifying.
Because I was told that I MAY need a root canal treatment.
Like what the hell is that!!
All because of that 1 stupid cavity.
It is filled already but if it hurts anytime from now to the end of this month,

Spa treatment, hair treatment, nail treatment sounds so appealing.
But why doesn't it sound the same for root canal TREATMENT?

I guess I got to stop chewing/biting Ice cubes.
Any drink served with them, I will bite.
That explains my cavity.

Bumped into JJ, Derek & DAS.
SG is way too small.
Had dinner with them. Fish and chips~
Boyfriend said that I'm a fish expert.
And this fish expert says that fish and chips I had today is NOT NICE AT ALL!

I lost $100+ even before I could receive it.
(I didn't use it to pay for the dental visit. I LOST IT SOMEWHERE)

I just ate Sakae last week and I am craving for it again.
Glutton ^^