Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Visuals visuals~

I love to blog all my visuals in a post.

Are you staring at me?

The 2 pictures below are obviously the remainders of 17nov.
(I was lazy to load them when blogging that day)

HEHE. He's super DAI.

Below are some boring pictures that wouldn't interest you.
When people post too many pictures of the same things, they bored me too.
So I just skip them [:
Likewise, If you find them boring, you can skip them.
But I am posting this out incase it might just interest you.

I have been dreading to post all these pictures because of YQ's specs.
But luckily apart from Army, he don't wear that specs.
(He's pretty vain himself so he wouldn't even wear it to the park)

YQ's selected to sit in one of the tank.

& then they alighted.
The 2nd person, from the right, is MY LOVE~

Those who weren't in the tank marched in.

He looked like a Malay!!

My cute love in Army uniform [:

Guys look really ugly without hair.
But fortunately, YQ's hair is growing fast.

Side Note; Our makeover (which we have been saying months ago) have been postponed.
Reason for that is to wait till his hair grow abit longer (: