Monday, December 10, 2007

12 + 12 months

So far, on every year 10-11th of Dec, It rains.
(at least to me and D's memory)

For the 12 + 12 months (:
(only stupid people don't understand this)

When couples don't quarrel, It doesn't mean that they are loving.
When couples quarrels, It doesn't mean that they are not loving.

So whats the differences with quarrel & don't quarrel?
It still prove nothing.

I don't know how many times have I shown my attitude to D, how many times have I threw tantrums for no reasons or pick a quarrel with him. But that doesn't prove that we are not loving because from what we see, we are SO DAMN loving & sweet & most importantly, happy together.

Reminiscing past events, dates & so many more makes me happy. How D got SO jealous when I went to Derek's house despite not feeling well. I didn't know he was jealous despite being red when he saw me and Derek. I must be an idiot. But he still brought me to a clinic. He's not the one who gets jealous easily.

I am not early. I know our date is on the 11th. But it starts from the 10th. At this time (:
We're going to celebrate it belated because he's in camp today. (: