Wednesday, December 19, 2007

All about BFFS

Never underestimate the power of Beauty.
Guys are weak against them, They'll give/say anything for them.
(Including the fake & thick makeups.)
Don't trust anyone except yourself.

Friends & Beauty.
Weigh them. Which one weighs more?
I thought it was Friends but I was wrong.

I am SO not going to say/do anything anymore.
I'll just live in my own world.
Selfish & Emotionless.
Not going to give a damn about the world(friends) outside.

The above is obviously related to some people.
The below has got nothing to do with the above.

I feel that you are trying to make up for it but you don't know where to start.
It's all too late when "Give Up" is already written in my dictionary.

It's too late to apologise... It's too late...
Said It's too late to apologise.... It's too late.....

All because I don't want another disappointment.
Too many to handle.
No one loves to be make use of, so stop making use of ur friends.

People, treat your friend nicely. Don't look for them only when you need them.
Otherwise, You don't deserve to have any soulmates who can share your rainbows and shits.