Thursday, December 20, 2007

Check your chocolates!

Worms in Ferrero Rocher chocolate. Sheng Siong takes chocs off shelves

Sales executive Sandra wanted to give her customers a treat. She left on each desk two pieces of Ferrero Rocher chocolate she had bought from Sheng Siong Supermarket this morning (Dec 11).

"One girl saw a worm crawling out! We put the chocolate back into the box and shook it. More worms crawled out!" she said.

"I bought four boxes of the chocolate from Sheng Siong in Jurong West. As I was giving out the chocolate from one box, I saw powdery stuff in there and thought it was caused by poor handling," she said.

"Then one of the girls saw a worm crawling out!"

Alarmed, she quickly collected all the chocolate she had given out.

"We put the chocolate from that particular box back into the box and shook the box. All the worms started crawling out from the wrapper!" Sandra said.

These photos and video were sent by her customer Teddy, 26. In the video, the worm was seen crawling.

"Someone ate the chocolate without checking but he seems fine. The chocolate was manufactured in Jan 07 and expire Jan 08. The box of chocolate is still in the office. All the worms are still alive," he said.

STOMP contacted Sheng Siong Supermarket and a spokesman said: "We will remove all the chocolate from that batch that was produced in Jan 07 and expire in Jan 08 from all our outlets.

"We have apologised to the STOMPer and will send four boxes of the chocolate from the latest batch personally to her.

"Based on preliminary internal checks, the chocolate had not expired but we will remove them from the shelves. Customers who have problems can contact Sheng Siong.

"We have also notified the supplier," she said.