Sunday, December 09, 2007

Finally back here!

Sorry for my absence. I know I am missed. :D

*cough cough cough*
My cough is getting worst.
Flu is going off, coming back, and going off. ON OFF ON OFF.
Bad bad weather.

Yesterday was a goooooood day. D & me fought to shop for our stuffs & We were like kids. Because I told him if he don't allow me to buy my heels first, I'll get pissed. (that is because my heels didn't match my outfit yesterday).

& THE BEST PART is D came to fetch me off from work and we happened to wear the same top which was like so OMG. We didn't plan what to wear, and neither did I tell him what was I wearing. (I don't like to wear the same stuffs with the person standing next to me). So with no other choices, We had to go and buy a TEE for him. Settled on Everlast Tee. A simple designed Tee.

But before buying his tee, we need to get my heels first. & I bought 2 pairs at a shot from 2 different shop. (& you know heels/shoes have big boxes so 2 big shopping bags & 1 medium D's shopping bag -.-) I wanted to shop for flipflops or 1 more pair of heels but D stopped me. There was once whereby we walked past some shoe/heels store, He happily told me that " Luckily the shoes/heels they sell are ugly. HEHE" Gah. So cheeky.

Side Note; D paid for 1 of the heels. I know the chinese sayings so you don't have to tell me that It is not good for BF to buy shoes for his GF and vice versa. Please do not be so superstitious.

Aftermath, We went to Bugis Village to roam. I must say its a boring place because the half of SG teenagers/young adults are wearing the same few tops(which is of pretty low quality). So I left there empty handed like I always do. & I hate there because its rather warm in there.

Took our very own sweet time to travel to Derek's place knowing that the rest will come even later than us. Before proceeding there, We went to buy a birthday cake. It was his Dad's birthday and we went over for steamboat with all the shopping bags~ We were an hour late.

As for today, D. bought breakfast for me. We went out for shopping again(as well as lunch) in the noon. I thought of some new design for my nails! :D You can DIY it at home instead of visiting parlours.

Silver base with pink french & glitter dust on the tip (:

Side Note; It is very pretty in reality. Poor quality picture taken from a HP blurred it.

As you can see, There is not much pictures because I forgot to bring my digicam out. Dust are pilling on that little gadget.
Wordy, Wordy, Wordy.