Thursday, December 13, 2007

Green with envy

I just paid for the bags spree. (:
A total of $___.
They are not labels, so they don't cost up to 4 digits.
So now, All I have to do is to wait patiently for them to arrive.

I want to learn how to cooooook! But I am still afraid of oils & butters.
I can't fry because there's oil.
I don't know how to cook white rice or porridge.
So where do I begin?
*roll eyes* but nevertheless, I should not give up.

Just received a happy news from mummy.
My eldest cousin, 25 this year, who registered her marriage 2years back, is going to hold a wedding dinner next year(Jan). & my cousin-in-law is only 26. They just bought/renovate/flourish their apartment few months back. (not staying with their parents. Just them alone) Envy~ Successful. I also yearn to own an apartment when I reach 25! (In my dreams maybe. Unless my Mr Right is rich enough, I can't possibly ask my dad to pay for it) Zaps back to main topic. So like, I need to shop for outfits/accessories/heels/bags again! After their wedding dinner, they are flying off to Japan for their honeymoon straight! AAWW~

Fact no. 1
I'm still coughing.
(in the process of recovering)

Fact no. 2
I miss my dumb boy.
(not a tad bit but truckloads)

Fact no. 3
You should just give up on some stupid people.