Sunday, December 16, 2007

High on heels


Great meet up with HX (:
We shopped for near 5hours.
& the biggest mistake I made today was to wear heels!
Lucky that idiotic HX brought 1 extra pair of shoe in her bag.
(Because she needa book in at 9pm)
So I wore her NewUrbanMale slippers and shop~ Didn't really match my outfit but no choice!
Wanted to shop for other heels, pumps so that I can wear them straight away but there's nothing I like~
That HX gave me my early Christmas present :D (Everlast Shoe)
& she bought a real Diamond pendant for her Mummy.
She shopped like everything's free because she's in the army as a female Medic cum specialist cum paramedic which also means stable income.

We dragged a number of shopping bags home.
& hers is like 5times of mine!
We must arrange for another meet up Lovely!

She used to have very long hair until armyyy...........
I doubt I will ever give up my long hair for anything unless you gimme a million & I'll consider about it :D

Lack of sleep; swollen eyes :(

Unreasonable but I don't care~

I haven't seen YQ for the 7th day ):
Army's a boyfriend stealer!
I was packing my drawer then I came across a bronze glossy keychain from Japan.
Don't bear to use it. Have been keeping it for the 8th year.
YQ said he wants it and he will gimme something in exchange for something so worth it.
(8years okay! Since Primary school)
YQ : I'll give you my socks. I have been wearing it for some time. You can use it to hang on the walls so that Santa will visit you!


But he said something nice yesterday morning. He typed it himself.
(He's currently in field camp)

YQ : If you miss me, Look at the stars in the sky because somewhere out there, I'll be looking at the sky too.