Monday, December 03, 2007

Hunny, I miss you

The lonely night feels so cold without Boyfriend.

Seriously missing the actual owner of this devil nano.

Monday ; Tuesday ; Wednesday

2 more days to go.

Kind people are often taken for granted.
& Kind people are always bullied.

If you give in once, they'll think that you're nice to bully.
& each time gets heavier & heavier.

For example ;
If you fulfill requests, people think that you're trying to be famous,
When all you did was to kill your free time with some good deeds.
& then they will request, request & request.

But no one is doing anything for fame.

People who thinks this way seriously need a bible to enlighten them instead of being so narrow-minded.

Thus, no one is blamed for their way of thinking (:

& It just sucks so much to see kind people getting bullied. ARGH.
(someone around me is just too kind)
I just wish he/she will learn how to be more evil to the cruel reality as this world is filled with too much self centered people.

HAIS~ I'm really worried for him/her.

I'm off to miss Hunny.