Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Intoxicate me

It was a shopping day yesterday.
So crazy over heels that I bought another pair.
My feets are filled with blisters because I have 4 new pairs of heels/shoes.
Have been wearing different pair everyday so blisters appeared :(
All the pumps in the shoe shelf have been cleared away.

OT today. Meli's boyfriend gave me a ride home (:
People with no sense of responsibility ought to be jobless.
They don't commit to their job & because of their selfish thinkings,
They affected other's life. DAMN them.
I don't wanna leave this job because of them,
but I don't have any more breathing space.
Lord, please give me more alternatives.

Boyfriend is still not back from the field camp (2300).
He is supposed to be back by today's evening.
AAWW~ I miss his voice

Side Note ; and also his naggings.

Christmas presents.
No time to lose anymore.
Have to shop for everything by this week.

Side Note ; 1 more gift to buy in my list!