Friday, December 14, 2007

LUH gives me shivers (2nd post)

Like finally LUHHHHHHH!!
("luh" is so disgusting)
I am meeting up with HuiXing my attachment buddy this coming Sunday~~
Super happy canxzxzxz!!
& We're going shopping shopping shoppinggg......

Shopping is my hobby!
HuiXing is my favourite!

So Sunday will be a great day! :D

I saw my cousin few days ago. We were at the same bus stop and he couldn't recognise me! Dang! I think I have changed alot. Because the last time he saw me was.... March? And I was still with my short fringe. (Because I don't join my cousins when they organise trips/outing/chalet for cousins thats why we haven't seen each other for half a year. Despite that, We are still very close every CNY or gathering at Grandma's house) But I still can't understand why he can't recognise me LUHHH. *EW. Luh-ed again* My bus came so I didn't bother, and just text him. LOL~ Blurrrr king.