Saturday, December 01, 2007

Many of my fat face

Town-ed with the clings.
Lunch cum Dinner at 5 with them. Had Fish & Chips.
Then supper at 7 at Suki Sushi. (I only ate Chawanmushi)
I bought a TEE for Hunny yesterday and then later regret it because of its design.
Nvm~ He shall wear it to the market ONLY. :D
(that is if he ever steps into a market)
& Hunny got 1 more new top today.

Let my pictures do the talking for me. Tired tired.

I know I wore 2 different top. I brought 1 extra one out.

They wanted me and YQ to do this. ZZZ. & of cause we did. LOL.

OngJJ is lonely~

We all LOVE my boyfriend.

Far left; DAS. The rather emo guy today.

I'll be back for a proper update tmr~
Really tired & goodnight.

Side Note; I gotta wake up at 0800 tmr!!