Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas everyone!


Messages flooded my phone at 12midnight.
The guys called and said " MERRY CHRISTMAS! " because we didn't join them at the pub.
(DAS called me, JJ called D, because we were already home)

Company celebration ended at 5pm.
D came and waited.
Paco Rabanne Summer Perfume ; I got that during the Gift Exchange.
Boss gave us all extra gifts.
I got a retro Casio watch & a BIMBO-FEEL necklace.
Meli gave me 2 pairs of pure silver earstuds.

Went off to shop with Meli & D.
Jeans, Tees & belts from River Island.
D's christmas presents this year (:
(you know, YQ needs alot of clothes)
He's still so stucked with my presents because I've already got everything.
But he's done with the 1st gift.
(He's intending to get me quite a few items)

Met up with the guys after that.
Had steamboat at bugis.
Only at $15 Per head.
Cheap~ But I guess I only ate 3bucks? HAH~

D & me went to sit under the romantic moonlight outside Marina Square.
Headed home at 11pm.

Visuals tomorrow.
My eyelids are heavy.