Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Randomly Updated

Sweetest Dad bought a new phone for Adel.
Yes, I am jealous but there's still no new phone to my liking.

Short little shopping trip with Adel as we went to the mall for lunch.
Got another pair of skinny jeans.
I've got like alot of pairs but no bright colour ones!
(I hate bright colours even though people on the streets are wearing red, yellow etcetc skinny jeans)

& my sweetest boyfriend told me this last night.

YQ :
Don't work can? I'll pay for your shoppings.

I have strong backbone so I still stood by my principles.
I don't wanna depend on anyone(except my parents).
& I am not the one who spends Boyfriend's money.

Tmr is another shopping day with love.
For gifts and myself (:
Guess I am going to be slightly broke after all these but I still love shopping (:

Side Note ; By the time I feel slightly broke, Payslip will be coming in soon.