Thursday, December 06, 2007

Sprees are here!

Dinner was korean cuisine with mummy.
My main motive for going shopping was to get another pair of skinny jeans and a pair of heels.
But I didn't saw any heels to my liking.
Didn't went home empty handed though. 2 pair of skinny jeans and 1 pair of white 3/4 pants.
Have been searching for this 3/4 pants for quite long~ [:

Boyfriend's new toy is giving me headaches.
Despite being so NOOB to that phone, I still manage to get things done [:

Didn't shower Raven as the weather is too cold.
I had my jacket on for the whole day!!

Hair is fully brown now [:

It is so hard to shop with cold.
Weak nose, sore throat >:(

Japan's spree clothes are here (:
(that's y I need to get skinnies/skirts/heels to match them! :D)

Side Note; 其实还爱你. I don't know the singer of this song, don't know if this is a new/old song. But it's really really nice! (to me)

I need some Oreo Chocolate nowwwww :(