Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sweetest Drug

YQ sent breakfast over.
ME : Thanks Dearest.
YQ : It's my duty *with a smiley face*
His duty is to make me full and happy!! *sticks tongue*

Reminded me of this.....

Last Sat, I wore my new shoes and ended up another 2 blister.
It hurts to even walk another step,
So YQ piggyback-ed me from the bus stop to his place.
(It was night time so there wasn't much people)
*Roll eyes*, Childish but Romantic (:

I love my sweetest drug.

Another 4 days and many hours to a brand new 2008.
Which also means another 4days and many hours to the "unofficial" 20years old.
My My, My age is getting older but not my face.
(Cus I've got a kiddy face)

Side Note ; I am so reluctant to go to work & you don't know why. I said I love my job, yes, But I am so unsure now.
But deep down, I know I still love it.