Sunday, December 02, 2007

Way too wordy~

Was too tired yesterday so I missed out some photos.

Boyfriend's new specs. (TAGHeuer?)

HEH. You can't even see the lenses.

I overslept today~ All the way till 1130!! I had to drag myself out of bed even when the sun is already shining at my butt. Quickly went for a showered which only took me about 25mins. Bought lunch for Boyfriend.

I refilled my pink leathery tissue pouch (from boyfriend) with a new pink packet tissue at his place. Believe it or not, I can't even finish using a packet of tissue per week. That is because I don't have the habit of bringing tissues out. So I cleaned forgotten about them. I only remember my tissues when I am alone & desperate for them, if I am out with friends, I will ask them for tissues. Not being stingy ok! Not trying to save my money on tissues. And when I bought that pink leathery tissue pouch, Boyfriend said I am wasting money(because I don't carry tissues and I already have a brownish gold tissue pouch) but he still paid it for me because I didn't have smaller change at that time. HEHE!

& Hunny's sister gave me a DIY calendar in Black & White (: It looks like a toy because they are blocks. You have to build them every month yourself. How cute (:

Dinner at Westmall(I don't like that place) with his family. Ate my favourite~~ Boyfriend bought a new phone(smart phone & PDA style) without contract. This is like the third or fourth phone he bought this year? He sure is wasting lots of money on them. Anyway I don't blame him because I love to change phone myself.

I guess the longest phone I have ever used is the current one. I have already used it for 1year!! (sounds like a big achievement to me. HAH~) I want to change phone myself but there's no phone to my liking currently. Have been using Nokia for like 5years straight because I only like Nokia and no other brands. (Just like I am a Singtel supporter! I say no to Starhub & M1!!) & last year was the first time I tried Sony Ericsson. Fell in love with it. Saw a friend using nice design Nokia phone(I don't know the model) but she said Nokia is not as good as SE even though it is more experience. Nokia is pretty lag too. Of cause, After using SE, Nokia is like not-very-good as compared to SE in its functions and speed. But prices are not as important as their functions right? & I can't stand LAG-NESS.

I hope SE will come up with more pretty phones next year!! Because this year is ending soon (:

YQ & bros are going to Sentosa again next Sat(most probably), but I am not tagging along this time! (I am already booked on Sat) :D Spared from the sun. Lucky me. I really don't like going there. Like REALLY REALLY please.

Before I even realise it, this post is tooooo wordy. I shall stop.