Friday, December 21, 2007

Weak over shoes

We woke up at 0830hour, met, had Mcdonalds Egg Muffin for breakfast & We are going for Sakae later. Late lunch CUM tea time CUM dinner(?). Probably I will be oh-so-godly full after Sakae but D needs another meal for dinner. Why do guys eat so much but they hardly put on any weight whereas on the other hand, girls put on weight easily? Well, not all but at least for me!

After all the eating, We're going to start on our snapping, shopping & spending. Retail therapy makes us happy even though our bank balance keeps dropping everytime we shop.

Side Note ; I want to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks but I don't feel like watching it now. On christmas day perhaps.

D. went WOW when he saw my shoe shelf. Mummy got me another shoe shelf because the first one is full. Other than that, Mummy is clearing one of the spare wardrobe which contains all my nursing unifrom for me so that I can have more space for my clothes. Reason being that is because my shoe shelf and wardrobe are bursting from all my shopping recently. I have alot of clothes which are not even placed in my wardrobe because there's no space for them anymore.

I just wish my bags will arrive soon because I feel that I don't have enough bags to match my outfit recently.

YQ : I understand that girls need alot of different clothes. But what about your shoes and bags? Over 15pairs of quite-new shoe(ALONE, excluding those sharing with Adel), over COUNTLESS of bags but still complaining that they are insufficient.

Side Note ; And all shoes are bought within these months. Old shoes have been cleared for more space.

I know I need to stop. But how can you stop a girl from shopping just like how can you stop guys from talking about girls/games/cars when they meet up? Parents did not complain but Boyfriend nagged. HAHA~ Still, Too unreasonably for me to buy so much heels/shoes in such a short time. Adel & Mummy bought quite afew pair within these months too. But not as much as me.

Side Note ; Huiyan, You still owe me a meet up for shopping/chilling! Bear that in mind! :P