Monday, January 14, 2008

Bad day today

If today is a good day for you, That's nice.

But today is just SO not my day!!

I slept at 3am because I can't stop tossing in bed.
(Because I miss D like crazy)
Tuesday, Wednesday. 2 more days :(
I can only wait patiently & hug that piglet to sleep.
Cause I can never find another lover sweeter than you.

Just received the news that most of my clothes are out of stock!
Oh damn those idiots.
My friend made the payment already.
They did not even told me us that there were some out of stock when we made the payment.
Delayed in shipping and arrivial = FUMED.
Out of stock; They just told us this morning when all the clothes will be arriving this week = FUMED + FUMED

Bags & clothes. All delayed.
So pissed with online shopping.

& my dad's Christin Dior sunglass cracked.

Today is not a goooood dayyyyyyy.