Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dress up, Dress DOWN!

Yesterday, I bought a top for CNY (:
Finally, I am preparing for CNY. *smiles*

I was meddling with Adel's phone before setting off.

LOUSY font cam. HEHE. Can't help saying that again.

Super casual today. MOOKS tee with belt & shorts.
& That dumb coffe told me its UGLY.
EHH, that Tee cost almost $70 okay. (I think its about $60plus if I am not wrong)
TEE onlyyyyy. What do you expect?!
I like simplicity!

Wahaha. Edit my half only. Cause I don't wanna hide HY's smile!

This funny girl went to rebond her hair AGAIN!
The last time we rebonded was like 3months ago thingy only!!

Suki Sushi @ Cine.
Believe it or not, I vomitted twice after the meal because I was hell full!
Hahaha. Idiot. I don't wanna be THAT full again.

Side Note ; The last time I saw that girl-who-had-her-hair-rebonded was like 3months ago, & she told me I've slimmed down! :D

Bided gdbye with that girl after the meal.
HY and me proceeded to Bugis.
As usual lah. I left there empty handed.
HY spent 23456bombs.
Can't stand the human traffic there.

My handphone strap from HY (:
My name is rather long so it cost abit more.
$53 for afew keychain is nothing to her so I can have longerrrrrr name.

HY and me bought some candies after all the walking.

I miss M, Wong.
Badly luhhhhhh!!