Sunday, January 20, 2008

The fruitful trip

Chinatown trip was dull. We left that place within 30minutes.
Saw D's ex classmate'06 on coincidence. (I was wondering how can she shop there)
Oh well, It all depends on each individual's likings.

We bused to somewhere near Bugis and got a little "lost"!
I felt like I was in another country because nothing look familiar to me.
But there were interesting finds.

For example this ;

$2 per entry!
Toys toys toyssss.

Then we went into this shop house/cafe selling guy's clothes and high tea.

Vintage bike.
Everything inside are vintage except for the clothes they are selling.
Even the shop smells vintage too :/

We went into alot of shops selling all kind of stuffs that I have never ever seen in SG shopping malls before!
& all the cafe there look so relaxing, You can see alot of Caucasians chilling there.
I kept telling D that this place is sooo peaceful(it was just like some quiet beach, no noise, no laughters), and I love it (:

I was sitting on the floor trying to lean to the front and I look hunchback -.-

He didn't know I took a picture of his side view!

Okay lah. Don't remind me that I need a haircut.
I will be SO DAMN busy from tomorrow onwards as I'll be working for 3weeks straight.
(with only 1 day of rest each week which are all reserved for D)

I love Mochi Icecreams!!!!!!!!

My day ended with Max and Marcel (: