Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Girls are nothing but trouble

You know, Don't work with girls.
Because Girls gossip, Girls compare, Girls compete.
I don't know why. I click with guys more.
Because when too much girls work together, everything becomes so politic.
Girls point fingers when something is wrong. But guys cover up for each other.

Guys forgive and forget. Girls remember and revenge.
So when a girl's best friend is a guy, it doesn't mean that she's a flirt.
But because she can't stand all the bitchy-ness among the ladies.

Side Note ; Girls are more narrow minded than the guys!!
Side Side Note ; There are too many girls in my workplace. I am suffocating!!

Even though I am a girl, But I really feel that almost all girls are like this.
(This is true!)

Sad Note ; You know what?!?!?!?! D will be at field camp for his NS during Valentine's Day! AWWWW~ Lonely Valentine this year! But luckily I will be working on that day. OH, what a way to console myself.

But on a happier note ; I know what to get for D for this Valentine's already. :D How about you?! Although it's like 2 to 3 weeks away, but I can't help feeling excited over it. HEHEHEHEHE.

Sweet Dreams People! (: