Saturday, January 05, 2008

Guy's affair

I just reach home.
Went shopping with D & Derek.
Guy's day. So they shopped and I merely gave my comments.
(Because I already had my session yesterday)
Of cause, D nagged at my buysss again (:
Shoe spree(9pairs) ended, & I am very into Bags.
3 new bags in 2 weeks (:
He said I will never finish my shopping cause, shoe>bags>tops>bottoms.
They kept rotating.
Anyway, Shopping is all about girl's life (:
& that is how most girls behave!
True isn't it?

Visuals not up yet because I have yet to receive them from Adel!!

I love pretty pretty nails (:

Side Note ; It's my turn to buy a new phone!
Will start looking for nice designs/functions.
Any suggestions?! *smiles a plenty*

Babies are cute, so nice to meddle with.
I saw a young couple(mid or late twenties),
with their babygirl(roughly 10months old) on the train.
They have to keep entertaining her otherwise she would cry and yell out loud.
The whole ride took them 35mins & they were taking turns to entertain her throughout.
(I have second thoughts about having a child in the future!
If only I can have a 1year old baby at birth. Then I would save all the trouble.)
From this you can see, I have low tolerance level for NOISE.

Okay luh. So random.
Will get my visuals from Adel ASAP so that I can have some things to blog about.
Night people!