Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Heart's missing you

Another 7.5hours before I can get to see my love.
Another 24hours before our shopping/hunting for CNY/Wedding dinner clothes/accessories starts.

I love every moment spent with him even if it is just sitting infront of the television, or watching him going gahgah over soccer.

Yesterday was a fairly good day for I bought 3tops for CNY and gave 2 to Mummy because they don't suits me. 1 out of 3 left for myself. Shall not reserve it for CNY. So I only have 1top left on hand for CNY(bought it few days ago)

Despite being so upset with online shopping, I have another list of 6-7pieces of tops/dresses. (Stucked at home today, & I heard online sprees calling my name & I gave in!!!!) Sigh. I need a slap. There's new spree tmr so I guess more will add on to my list. SOMEONE STOP MEEEEEEEEE.
(Oh not you Hunny. U can't stop me cause I'll still get whatever I want after I whine)

tsk tsk tsk.