Thursday, January 03, 2008

Kitty Fanatic?

I know Hello Kitty is kind of "young" but who says a 20years old girl can't adore Hello Kitty? :P My current wallet was bought in Nov, from D, one of my birthday gift. But I went shopping with Adel yesterday, Saw this cute thingy and couldn't resist the cuteness so I bought it. Authentic Hello Kitty/Sanrio stuffs are always so cute.

There was a gold one too! I like both! But I still chose White in the end.
Don't tell me it's not nice please please please!

I ONLY bought this cute little thing yesterday.
Adel was the spender. She buys WE wear. So despicable! HAH~
We share our clothes and bags so she don't really mind~
(more clothes & bags for me. *smiles evilly*)

(nononono, not kitty fanatic)

Chauffeur fetched us to see our great grandma for the last time after our shopping.
One fine lady I must say.
I don't have much impression of her as I only get to see her once/twice every year since birth.
All I remember was she has a dog. & I was damn afraid of it because I am afraid of animals.
(That was before I had Raven)
But I was told yesterday that she was a kind hearted and easily contented lady.
The atmosphere wasn't really sad yesterday because she had live a long life,
& She passed away at home; Peacefully.
Now, she's joining Lord in the heaven (:

Adel & me took quite a number of pictures with the little cousins.
They are all in her phone(I didn't bring my digicam there).
Will post the rest of the visuals tonight!

Side Note ; I was so busy till I lost track of the days! I went WOW when I realised that today is Thursday. Time do flies!