Friday, January 18, 2008

The long wait

YQ was down with fever so I went to pack some healthy breakfast for him.
My breakfast work wonders. The fever subsided at 1200hr (:

I felt so lucky just now for I waited till 3pm only(at home).

I forced him to take this picture.

Dragged D to town after that. I don't owe anyone anything to make me wait for them.
And because of my WISE decision, We were spared from the waiting till 5.30pm.
D felt feverish so I called the rest.
Well, Just so you know, they were still at home. Upset. We bused home.

The silly ones waited in VAIN.
(No BYES, everything was so LAST MINUTE. & LAST MINUTE conquered our plans since last night)
& only to find out that the dayout is cancelled due to some GIRLS.
(Everything was prepared. Showered, Changed, Hair, except to open the door)
Disappointment. That's what we felt.
Lucky D and me managed to shop for 2hours while the 2 only went to town, ate MCdonalds and HOME.
If I were given a choice, I would have stayed to accompany them but D wasn't feeling well.

Still so F***ING upset. Because I waited in vain for hours.
FPO = YOU. I don't see any difference.

Before THAT steamboat, I know it but I didn't want to make you embarrassed so I kept my jaws tight.

So much for good friends.
No more. No more of waiting. I am happy with just shopping with YQ alone.

If D wasn't sick, I would have waited..... and and and. ok Shut up.

On our way home. We got Max and Marcel some toys :D

(D bending the giraffe)
That giraffe is at least 1.55m tall.
We bought a giraffe and a sword (:

Dinner @ D's place.
I love home cooked food.
& D sent me home.