Friday, January 11, 2008

Love me like this

I didn't use the new phone.
I gave it to my Dad(out of my own pocket) because I don't like it.
(I can't stand the lagness. Guess the brand?)
*smiles* I know you know.

TeeHeee. Another reason to get a new phone.

I haven't been wearing flipflops for a long long time (Maybe 2 months?).
So now, I can't walk properly with it!!
I can lose my balance while standing & one side of the flipflop slipped out from my feet while walking.
Man. No more heels/pumps/shoe for now.

So many things I NEED/WANT.
I want a new phone, some nice beltsss, more pants(the weather is rather warm recently), new flipflops, longlong hair, more money ......... & the list goes on. (A girl's wants never ends)

I need to send my bottoms for alterations, pack/clear unwanted stuffs from my wardrobe/bookshelf/desk/room, some shopping sessions, to exercise and lose some weight because I feel fat.

Hopefully there will be some visuals tmr (:
(I don't like wordy wordy post!)

Till then!