Sunday, January 27, 2008

Maybe It's NOT maybelline

Sore eye on my right.
Pedicure done.

Came across this picture in the afternoon.

& I like it alot because I once told someone,
" If your girlfriend asks you, "how much do you love me?" ",
Just stretch out ur arms because it represent FULLEST.

Is it true that Girls gossip more than the guys?
The answer is NO!
When guys get together They gossip about girls and friends around them.
(Just like what girls are doing)
Except girls remembers every detail of it but the guys forgets it after every session.
(I heard this from the Radio)
So girls, guys are as bitchy as the girls!
& guys, stop pretending that you don't care and acting innocent when it comes to gossiping with the girls :X

Side Note ; If you don't know how to spell my name, then don't spell it.
Don't embarrass yourself & my name.

It's M·A·Y·B·E·L·I·N·E, NOT Maybelline, Not May nor Mabel. Get that right!

Bore Bored Boring.