Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Oh so random

Breast cancer or Soggy breast?
Of cause Soggy breast!!

Prolong wearing of Bra increase the risk of Breast cancer.
So ladies, Sleep without your bra!
(Unless you wanna increase the risk of having breast cancer when you're old)

Soggy breast = 2 real breast.
Breast Cancer = 1 real breast, 1 plastic.

Which one do you want?!
Slight headache from evening all the way till night.
Didn't take any medicine as I don't wanna torture my self with those bitter pills.
But It got better at the night time.

Side Note ; I did something I which I have been waiting for a long long time today!
(keep guessing!)

Dearest is also invited to my cousin's wedding.
& We have already agreed on what to wear.
Will start to shop for everything next week.
AH~ So excited.

BUT no more pedicure for me till FEB!
Cause my toe nails are UGLY!
Afew chipped :(
So there's no shape. Aaaww~ :(

Side Note ; I am craving for Yakult!