Sunday, January 20, 2008

Shopping is a necessity

Seriously seriously seriously regretted going out on the 13th.
Firstly, I had a tiff with YQ over that.
Secondly, I don't know the purpose of that gathering.
(She just felt that a meet up is needed. & She can leave after that. SO SINCERE! We will do better without you)
Thirdly, Why are you still like this?! If you don't know what I mean, ASK ME!

Why the sudden thought? Because I saw.......................

Anyway, life with cheapo is over (:
I have already gave YQ my word.
It's real this time!
(This is not childish, You won't be able to take it too if you are in my shoes,
that is, if you know what on earth is happening that is SO deadly!)

Went shopping with Adel.
She simply bought everything she thinks its nice from a shop.
Uh-huhh. 4 tops for herself, 1 for Mummy.
(that's within 10mins)

& I gave D a surprise.
We were supposed to get his Braziliano Praia from NewUrbanMale next week but I went to buy it for him today!
He went speechless. (:


Cheapo Earrings. Only $5 :X

We spent quality time and had oh-so-nice dinner together.
3 new tops for me. All for CNY (:

I think we are visiting Chinatown in the noon. That SUPERRRR AUNTIE place.
EWWWW. But We've got no choice because we need to get ____________.
How can young adults/teenagers survive there?

Side Note ; I am so in love with the berms($53) D bought from FLMP. (yes yes, he's wearing berms again. That's a.... sad thing...) The other one he got it from town on the same day looks ugly to me now(I am comparing it with FLMP's)!

I don't mind seeing him wearing it everyday~ HEHEHE!

YQ : I'm sneezing.
ME : That's because I am missing you.
YQ : So sweet!
ME : Hehe.

I am mushy.
You don't have to like it, because I am not saying them to you :D

Side Note ; For yesterday's entry, Everything is fine now. Don't make your own assumptions the next time round~