Thursday, January 31, 2008

So so blissful

I was working. Then D walked in with a box of Donuts from Donut factory.
(Even though Donuts are like SO YESTERDAY's thing already)

Damn dumb lah! He didn't even told me he will be booking out today.
He kept it from me for a week! So I was like damn surprise seeing him standing there with a box of donuts.

Side Note ; I was still looking forward to see him tomorrow.

Sweet sweet (:

I went for pedicure again. This time, it's for CNY (:

I know the toe on my left look ugly but I broke it some time ago!!!!!!!!
SADDDDD. & there goes my set of strawberry toes.

Anyway, D joined me and Adel for shopping.
We bought ALOT of stuffs. 11 Shopping bags in total!
So many new stufffffs. I love shoppinggggggggggg.

Happy little girl