Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Spoilt Valentine's

For the last time, If you don't know how to spell my name,
Don't spell it.

Have been working, working & workinnnnggg.
So I haven't got anything much to update.
Anyway my blog is supposed to be all about me isn't it? (:
& So I now present you with my boring and uninteresting life :D

I bought another pair of flipflop today (to carry around during CNY visits) because I know I'll die with those pairs of heels. HEH HEH. Smart move yeah? :D

I got really really angry with D last Sunday.
& he finally managed to coax me back yesterday. LOL
Sunday Monday Tuesday. Yeah. "Small Gas Monster"
(Sometimes I cannot understand myself either. I don't know how can one be so spoilt like me. & I really feel guilty after each tiff with D)

Most tiffs are small ones which will be resolved within 10minutes.
(Aiyooo. Sounds like we always quarrel. Actually not really lahhh. Maybe once or twice a month. LOL. But which couple don't quarrel?)

I must say I was touched because he ...................
I was kept in the dark so I did not know anything about it untill he had no choice but to explain things to me & tell me everything in the end.
I spoilt my own Valentine's Day surprise again!!
Whatever it is~ He's still the one whom I hold deep in my heart (:
(SHUT UP MAYBELINE! musshhhhhhyyy, I know.)

I'll be meeting up with Adel after work for some last minute CNY shopping!