Sunday, January 27, 2008

Wedding Day

Lovable day today!
(Although I saw something that almost freak me out. HAHA!)
EWW. Nvm nvm. It will only give me nightmares so I should delete it from my memory.
At least I am very much better in terms of Relationship (:
(because I don't go round knowing guys from friendster or YQ not being faithful)
The stupid me called out "_____ _____".
Don't know what triggered me. Maybe it's the past.
But I don't care~
Very very very much in love and blissful with my everything.
(Family, Friends, and anything You say)

That's Serene & Alan for you (:
They are leaving for Haidakko in Japan for their Honeymoon~ passing by KL & Toyoko.
(haidakko?? K. I don't know the spelling. But it's Bei Hai Dao for Chinese)

& The cousins and the Jie Mei of the day!
I had to work half day so I couldn't make it.
I even missed the tea/buffet session in the afternoon.

We were really hungry from all the waiting.
We reached at 2000hr but the food only came in at 2100hr.

The cousin with China look!

Door gift. Local stamps with their photos printed on it.

We were already tired then.

& finally preparing for the YUMMMMMM SENGGGGG.

Anyway we went shopping before that.
Bought Adidas bag for my bro & a Le Coq Sportif bag for myself(you know that chicken? lol).

It's CNY after the wedding! HOHOHOHO~
Fooooooddy, Moneyyyyyy, Gatheringssss and lastly, Calories :(

It's a happy happy day, happy happy month, happy happy year for me!