Sunday, February 03, 2008

3 more days to CNY


People wanna compare me with someone whom I don't even know in reality or in the cyber world.

What's wrong with you?
Like what the hell did I do?!
(I blog about my life, is that a crime?
& I didn't ask you to visit my blog!)

I'm sorry that my life is so uninteresting.

But & as long as I'm/we're happy who are you to interfere or comment when you're just a nobody in my life?
(And you are not even in the position to comment when the male lead(Boyfriend) don't even feel anything?)

This is like really stupid you know.
This is my blog, and it's all about my life.
What's your say now?

(Told ya! I am not so nice at all!)

Okay, Shall not be bothered by this anonymous person.

I started my day with a smile.
D sent breakfast over for me (:
Because of my breakfast, his WHOLE family had to drive him over which means me feel rather guilty about it.

Went shopping with Adel after that.
I shopped for Boyfriend's stuffs too!
(No no. Not v'day's present. I still don't know what to get for him :( )

Grandma sent some CNY's goodies & dinner over (:

3 more days to CNY (:(:(:(:(:
Let's all get rich together! :D