Friday, February 22, 2008

Another shopping day

It was another normal shopping day.

Met D at City Hall at 2pm. (He reached there at 12pm for some Dim Sum with his army mates, I don't know how to eat food which are overly "chinese" so I skipped it and went for korean cuisine with mum)

I got a uber cute mouse for my laptop. I need to get one before school starts. & D got me a Jelio Bag for me, the size of it is just nice for carrying my laptop. So now, I am just lacking of more clothes and a nice laptop bag. (I don't wanna use the black one that I am currently using for school because I don't like it) It feels good to be back at school again.

It was D's place after all the shopping so I had home cooked food for dinner again!! :D And you know what? I fell asleep right after the dinner. Damn. Imagine the fats accumulating at my abdomen area. I have been putting on weight but my height remains the same!!!!!!! I don't care if puberty is already over for me, I just want to grow tallleeerrrr. I don't want to be stucked at 1.62m because everyone around me is like so so so so tall. I don't want to depends on heels to make me look tall because they're all fake! Once I take them off, I'll be short again. zzzzzz. I'll weigh myself tomorrow. Hopefully it is still stucked at mid forties. If you fail to see me blog tomorrow, probably I might have jumped down from the tallest building you can find because KGS were added.

The tulips with 2 colours. Aren't they pretty?