Monday, February 18, 2008

Baby D!!

Is that really.........?

(Lousy quality because this photo wasn't scanned into the com. It was taken via a camera. Any camera whose megapixel is less than 7/8/9 shouldn't be considered as a camera at all!!)

No doubt! It's D!~~~ So cuteeee~~ Look at that fat tummy of his. AAWWW.
& his smiling eyes, flabby limbs and and that hat he's wearing. AAAWWWWWWWWW~
I am a little YQ obsessed. Forgive me for that.

There's more! But this is the only picture which doesn't look like him now because his eyes are not smiling in the rest of the pictures.
1 look at the other pictures, You'll be able to tell its him. Even my Mum and Dad says so.

I am still waiting for his hair to growww~~~~~~~ army army army!!

I was bored. So I took a picture of my ....... and MMS this to D. :D
It's not my buttttttttt. But It sure look like one! lol.

& there this girl goes again, so madly in ♥.