Sunday, February 10, 2008

Chinese New Year

Like finally I am back!!
Soooooo many visitings to do.
Been really busy.

This is only 1/2 or rather 1/4 of the red packets from Day 1 and Day 2 :D

Side Note; I have yet to receive all~ More to come!!

I ate a mountian of goodies on CNY day 1 :( We(Family,D&ME) stayed over at Auntie(dad's elder sis)'s house last night. Gambled a little. LOL. 1 secret to share; You know other than BlackJack(21point) I don't know how to play others for example, mahjong, DaiDee etc etc etc?! I am one gamble-moron. But that's something good also because this proves that I don't like to gamble so I don't even want to learn them except that I'll be a little bored during CNY visitings.

Raven's outfit on the first day. From Derek.

Meddling with Auntie's Shades.

Reached home @ 0500 in the morning. Same for D. Grandma's eldest bro came and visit us at 1300 & I was forced to part with my beauty sleep. But woah, Most of the elderly in my family are longlived. Great grandma till a hundred, Grandma's bro is still pink in health at the age of 82, and the same for Granny's bro (:

My all time favourites. But too much of them makes me sick.

BBQ CUM BUFFET @ D's place with his army mates and bros(including JJ's gf, Ivy) on CNY day 2! Before that, D and SIMS went over to an auntie's house for CNY visit. Speaking of that night's BBQ, I really hate GOH CW. (If you know who am I refering to, just keep quiet, or please let him know that he is one abccnygongxigongxixyz ****ing moron thankyou) I have never liked him, but he everything he do makes me hate him even more. The guys gambled till 0730hour in the morning! D almost lose more than $60 but luckily things started to pick up at 0700hour, so in the end the damage was tiny. Only about $20 (:

They drank Chivas. Mixed with Green Tea. EEEYucks. I hate Green tea.

We didn't sleep a wink and set off to my destination after all of them went home. It was good news :D So we went back to catch some sleep before going out again. Dinner at Scotts Road; DFS building; Soup Restaurant. Bus-ed to JJ's Dad's Pub. We stayed for less than an hour only because we don't drink. & We were really tired from all the mahjongcards playing last night.

& for today~ Day 4, it's BBQ again. With D's family (: A simple one at night and it's home sweet home :D

Side Note; Why are cab fares so taxing?!?!?!?!?!!!!! Increase increase increase, When can they lower down their surcharges/rates?!

I love my CNY this year.
How about you?

And yeah! I was exploring D's drawer and I found his baby photo album!!
They are all in my laptop now :D
Will post it tomorrow as this entry is getting tooooo long!! ^^

One last picture to end my entry.

@ Auntie's place after removing my light makeup and accessories. (: