Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lonely Valentine

"No more updates again!!" Quoted from a friend.
I knowwwwww. Lack of blogging. But I can't help it due to my very busy life.

I always feel that I have alot of things to say when I am on the ride home.
But when I reach home, I get really tired.
Work drained all my energy.

2days ago, I came home with 3 flipflops.
Then, I came home with another 2.
Today, It was 3 pairs of heels.
I hear my shoe shelf crying.

Apparently, D still doesn't know about this because he is currently at field camp!
Nagging awaits me!!

It's another 2days to Valentine's Day.
Don't remind me about V'Dayyyy :(((((((((((
(Though apart, Heart still beat as one :D)

Side Note ; The day I found D's baby photos, I saw 2 of my surprises sitting in the same drawer!! lol~~~~ D went really sad because I spoilt my own surprise again. FYI, It's a gold watch and..... (:

So I have already receive my V'day present. Its D's turn! I still haven't got him anything!! Dinner on Sat. I still have 3 more days to think! :D

When all couples are out celebrating, I'll be at work stoning :(

Stay tuned for D's baby pictures!!
(can't blog them out today as I have yet to sort them out :D)