Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Lunar New Year

I feel so sleeeeeeeepy now. Right after the reunion dinner I had with my family because I feel damn FULL. Anyway we are going elsewhere for some last min shopping later. Yeahhhh. We are so going to squeeze with the crowd at Chinatown. BAH! I don't like there but I have no choice.

Yesterday was hectic. I woke up as early as 0850hr to get some Abalone for D's family as they will be having early reunion dinner. I couldn't find Abalone anywhere so I bought Bee Cheng Hiang's BBQ pork and pork floss instead. Went for work aftermath. Rushed to D's place at 2000hr. Was feeling super tired & restless. But Marcel made my day! I haven't seen him for 2weeks and he seemed to have grown up. He speaks clearer and pretended to dance like a rat because It is the year of Rat! So cute pleaseeeeEEEeEE~ & D bought alot of CNY goodies for my family. We have yet to receive the VERY-NICE pineapple tarts we ordered!

D is all alone at home as the whole of his family went back tot heir hometown. So he will be joining my family for the rest of the days. Coolness! Double share of the red packets. LOL. yay yay! Oh yea, Manicure today (:

It's not even CNY but I have already received 2 red packets. & all contain blue notes plusplusplus. :D 1 from D's parents, and another from the management :D
More red packets tomorrow. Aiyerrrrrrrr. $_$ I like~ (Who doesn't love money? :P) Aiyerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I'm so excited to wear all the new clothes/heels/flipflops etcetc tmr!
How about you? :D
Happy Lunar New Year in advance! :D

Visuals up as soon as I update the next time.
Maybe tomorrow or the day after tomorrow :D

Dong Dong Chiang.
Gong xi Gong xi.